Our Projects

Since its establishment fifty years ago, Hringrás has developed numerous methods that allow more efficient recycling. During these times, we are proud to have been involved in projects that aim to preserve the state of Iceland’s nature. Some of our projects are as follow:

1) Demolition of Rockville Air Station

The Rockville Air Station was a United States Air Force General Surveillance Radar Station located at Miðnesheiði. The demolition of the radar towers, buildings, oil tanks, and other related structures began in November 2005 and took four months. We employed powerful tools, including large-scale cutting excavators and other specialized equipment operated by our highly skilled workers to complete this project. At that time, this was the largest demolition project in Iceland.


2) Oil Tankers Removal at Hvalfjörður 

In early summer of 2005, Hringrás undertook a challenge to remove 8 oil tankers located at the bottom of Hvalfjörður for Olíudreifing ehf. Each tank was 25 m in diameter, 14 m tall and weighed approximately 130 tonnes. The rusty tankers often come in the way of those who travel around these areas. Hringrás removed these tankers successfully and is proud to preserve an Icelandic natural beauty.


3) Removal of Shipping Vessel

In March 1997, Víkartindur, a shipping vessel was stranded at Háfsfjöri near the east of Þjórsár in Rangárvallasýsla. The ship, owned by a German citizen was a 250-liter, 8633-ton container ship. The ship was carrying around 2700 tons of cargo. Minor pollution occurred at the beach, but most of the oil from the ship was successfully pumped out. However, a large portion of the cargo was destroyed. Hringrás was tasked to remove the ship from the beach. Despite challenging conditions, we successfully removed the ship and its fleet, totaling 4700 tons at the end of summer 1997.


4) Mannvirkið Salt Factory Demolition

In the fall of 2010, we demolished three structures from the Mannvirkið Salt Factory in Reykjanes to provide a space for building Fiskvirkjunin Háteigur, a fish-drying factory. The work spanned from September through November.