As a leader in metal recycling and hazardous waste disposal in Iceland, Hringrás provides efficient recycling of an array of goods, such as metals, buildings,  vehicle tires, containers, and end of life cars amongst many others.

Our main operation is located at Klettagörður 9, Reykjavik. Hringrás also operates smaller facilities throughout the country in Akureyri, Fjarðarbyggð and Reykjanesbær. We accept scrap metals, used cars and hazardous waste at our yard daily. Once the scrap metal arrives at one of our yards, it is sorted, shredded and treated. This reduces and homogenizes the size of the metal for further processing or production of new metal products. The processed metal is then sold to both domestic and foreign customers via cargo ships, containers and transport trucks.

For more than half a century, Hringrás has pioneered in developing new methods, suited to Icelandic conditions, to recycle scrap metals. We also served a key role in providing services to demolition projects and municipalities in rural areas, as well as supporting a variety of projects undertaken by local communities. Our past projects include the demolition of Mývatn Silicon Plant, cleanup initiatives in various towns, and the demolition of the Defense Force at Keflavik Airport. To better serve the Icelandic community, we have partnered with municipalities and industries, as well as our collaborations with foreign industries. We pay the upmost care to preserve Iceland’s unspoiled environment while offering competitive price for the scrap metal we buy.


Sections in our headquarter in Reykjavik to sort the wastes that we receive